Engineered Design

Richard Mott.

Over 50 years of engineering field experience, from Alaska to Florida. I have the
experience to help people design and bring to fruition their building projects.  My
company can draft and engineer almost any structural building in wood and steel.

Commercial Structures
Residential structures
Design and engineer new Construction
Design and engineer Additions
Analyze  Existing Structures and find solutions to challenges
Drafting services along with engineering

Richard can work with the client and the job through his varied experiences as an engineer.

P.E. Ohio #32692

Projects and Experiences-
  • Machine Design
  • Strength Analysis of Structures
  • Thermal
  • Building Design- Post and Beam Code Approvial
  • Aerodynamic Structures- Missiles and Airplanes
  • Marine Structures
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Bridge Design
  • Fence and Automatic Gate Design
  • Pipeline Insulation
  • Drafting / Flat pattern development in Sheet Metal
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Richard Mott